About Us

Blue Lava Solutions was started in 2014 with aim to providing business solutions that drive productivity and quality improvements. We have built our business around helping other business improve business operations and reduce expenses.

We specialize in providing affordable quality back office management solutions. Business owners often find it challenging to streamline business processes to reduce expenses and improve bottom-line. We have expertise in using technology and proven techniques to help business owners improve profitability by helping them run back office. We have experience in various business functions.

Customer Service and call center operations

Customer service is key function of business, and requires continuous training of staff to ensure repetitive sustainable business. We have ability to train and retain staff on your behalf to allow you to create a flexible model to meet the demand at the same time manage cost.

Recruiting & Staffing

We provide recruiting services for your business needs. We have experience helping our client in healthcare, finance, IT, and Insurance industry. We have quality staff that understand importance of quality employees for the success of any business. Finding quality talent is very competitive in current market.



Business owners in today’s world have to find innovative ways to beat the competition and stay ahead of marketing in digital world. Sometimes, it is difficult and cost prohibitive to hire a full-time marketing resource who exactly knows how to market your business.

We are working with many different businesses to provide digital marketing services that allows business to reach prospective in-market audience for your product/service needs. We have helped many businesses with social media marketing including Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube and many more digital platforms.

Medical Billing

We Provide Quality medical billing services at affordable price.

We have experience working with various insurance companies in all states.

We understand importance of medical billing and direct impact on profitability.



Collections is time consuming and requires frequent follow-up to recover funds.

It has direct impact on your ability to focus on business.

For a free consultation, or just to get ideas about how your business can achieve a higher level of productivity and profitability, call us at (630) 757-1197.